Making A 3,000lb Onyx Vanity / Sink & Suspending It From A Ceiling

In the spring of 2010, the owners of Barbacoa Restaurant in Boise, Idaho, came to Impact Imports to help them decorate their new restaurant with unique pieces. One of the most unique pieces is the men’s room vanity / sink. It is made from a single piece of onyx stone and has 2 sinks and a tissue holder hand cut into the surface. The goal was to install this sink suspended from the ceiling on heavy anchor chains. As you can see from the pictures, this feat was accomplished. Here is how we did it:

On a trip to Indonesia in April of 2010, I began to hunt down and find all the pieces requested by Barbacoa. The most difficult piece was the men’s room vanity / sink combination. However, we knew the perfect supplier to make this piece. So it was only a matter of getting there, finding the stone and then begin the sometimes-difficult task of explaining how we wanted it. The travel time involved to get to this supplier in East Java, Indonesia, was approximately 36 combined hours from Boise. But, it was well worth the trip.

Upon arrival, I hooked up with a friend and began the search for the perfect piece. It had to be no more than 6 feet long and the depth would eventually be cut to 24-28 inches. The first picture in the series below shows the piece I found as it sits upside down on a pile of onyx stones. My friend is negotiating the price with the owner of the stone, and she was a tough one to bargain with! I chose this piece because it was exactly 6 ft long, and the angle on the bottom of the piece made it ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant, saving a tremendous amount of manufacturing time. After about 3 hours, the stone was delivered to the supplier for cutting.

The supplier has these huge wet saws that cut through this material like butter! Most of the main cuts were simply "eyeballed," as I was kind of creating this piece on the fly. I think we pushed this through the big blades about 6 or 7 times to fine tune everything. Next came the layout of the sinks, the tissue box, the cavities behind the sink to hide the plumbing, the holes for the drains and, most difficult of all, the holes for hanging the sink from the ceiling. To find the center of balance (so the sink would hang relatively flat before we tied it to the wall with bolts) I had the supplier turn the sink upside down and balance it on pieces of bamboo! Highly scientific approach!

The end result is one of the coolest vanity / sink combinations you will ever see! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Barbacoa! Searching, cutting, hand crafting & installing the coolest vanity / sink combo ever!  


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6 Responses to “Making A 3,000lb Onyx Vanity / Sink & Suspending It From A Ceiling”

  1. Casey Says:

    Oh. My God. That is incredible! I wonder if I can sneak into the mens room to check it out?

    • drewmcdaniel Says:

      Sure! My mom walked into the men’s room last week and there were 3 guys in there! They didn’t mind…… If you ask the hostess, she will ‘clear’ the room for you to look at the sink. It IS quite incredible! We also did the pink onyx tile in the women’s room, the round settee (hand woven cow hide) in the lobby, the teak root & resin ‘stools’ in the entry, the 3 hostess stands, the cow skulls with glass horns in the men’s room, the cypress tree root wall at the bottom of the wine tunnel, the bark lights over the taco bar, the light over the main bar, the back lit onyx on the main bar and I personally made the cow horn & barbed wire sculpture on the round settee. Outside, we supplied the GIANT ceramic pots at the front entry and the limestone / sea corral pot in the yard. On the back deck, you will see 3 river boulder fire pit / tables i designed, as well as solid stone tables. Barbacoa was a great project for us to show off what our suppliers can do!

  2. PiS Says:

    Oh, beautifull

  3. Laura Says:

    I’m very excited about your artistic imports and endeavors. My husband and son & his girlfriend and I will be there next week to look at all of it. His girlfriend works at a museum in Seattle and we all love art, so we’ll have a blast. I just hope the food is as good as the work you show!

    • drewmcdaniel Says:

      Hello Laura, Thank you for commenting on my blog post about the 3,000 lb vanity / sinks at Barbacoa Restaurant in Boise, Idaho. If you are visiting Barbacoa restaurant, you will see LOTS of items from Impact Imports. Since you are going to be in Boise anyway, come up to our warehouse (about 10 minutes away from Barbacoa) and see what we have to offer! You can find directions / contact information here:

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