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Reclaimed Teak Tree Trunk Furniture

November 24, 2010

Several years ago, we came across a supplier in East Java Island in Indonesia who had a huge warehouse full of reclaimed, old growth teak tree trunk furniture. This furniture is organic and rustic and modern, all at the same time.

This Furniture can be used indoor or out in any weather. Old growth teak performs really good in North America because it contains a lot of oil. Therefore, it is very stable and won’t crack much, if at all. If the furniture is used outdoors, the UV rays from the sun will ‘bleach’ the wood, turning it a nice, driftwood silver color. Each piece is unique and interesting in its own way.

By the way, this supplier pulls these old growth teak tree trunks out of the ground, reclaims the ground and replants the area using the same teak tree species, creating a new, slow growth teak forest. Beautiful business model….

Here are a few pictures of some teak tree trunk chairs.

                      Reclaimed Teak Tree Trunk Chairs