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The First Pellet Burning Stove In Japan

July 28, 2009

During my very first trip to Japan in the mid-1980’s, I installed the first pellet burning stoves the country had ever seen. At the time, I was the Sales and Marketing Manager for a company called Pyro Industries located in Everett, Washington and this was the company that put residential pellet heating on the map with the invention and sales of the Whitfield Pellet Stove. I was also in charge of expanding distribution to Japan, which really excited me. I am mesmerized by the country each time I visit. The Japanese citizenry elegantly control the chaos in their cities, and the people are innately kind and generous to strangers.

The first Pellet Stove installed in the country of Japan was for the Honshu Island distributor of Lindal Cedar Homes. how do I know this? Well….. I installed it. The house was located in beautiful Nagoya, Japan, and it was newly-built perfection. Lots of wood inside and out, and both of the young family’s parents also lived in the house. Situated in the countryside, it was a large house when compared to typical Japanese living standards and very beautiful. I visited the family a couple times over the years, but have forgotten where I keep the pictures (’cause they weren’t digital back then!). But, I do have a little key chain hand made by the young daughter of the couple. These are little wooden sandals she made (with the help of her grandmother) from pieces of bamboo. Cute. I never use them as a key chain because I don’t want to ruin this memory.

A little hand made memento from my first trip to Japan.

A little hand made memento from my first trip to Japan.

Yeah, I know. This post is more about my memories than anything else. But that is what life is about: building memories. This is what I do now: Impact Imports. Come visit me!